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Pandora recorded music name is not correct

When recording music from Pandora the name shows up like "Pandora Radio...", how to fix it?

From Mustafa Alareed @ 16 Jul 2016 20:07

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Hi Mustafa -

The browser title is used when recording happens, for Pandora this is "Pandora Radio - Listen .....".  Once the end of the song has been detected and the audio finger print it taken and passed to Rovi for identification.  If found the file is renamed and tagged according to how you have your settings configured.  You can change the file name and tags one a song has been recorded by selecting Properties (Alt-Enter).  More details can be found in the Jaksta Music Recorder User Guide.

For example this is a recording in progress

and this is shows the tagged song and the next song recording ...




From CRS @ 18 Jul 2016 12:07

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