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I am very quickly about to give up on this software and demand a refund. It STOPPED doing what I bought it for after being upgraded!

Again, I have attached the logs.  I have COMPLETELY deleted & reinstalled the software, twice.  I have sent logs, twice with no usable response.  Still the software is not performing the function that I purchased it to do, but this only started failing AFTER upgrading.

By not working, I mean:
     1) on a "My Subscriptions", I click on "Tune Now" and can hear the channel.  I click on "Run Now", it switches to "My Recordings" but nothing appears (older version would show active recordings, here nothing).
     2) In the Settings>Output Folder there is nothing, not even partial files.
     3) It was working BEAUTIFULLY until I upgraded.

Please help me fix this or issue a refund.


From John Govern @ 11 Jun 2019 20:06

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Please export and attach your schedule and I will have a look.

From CRS @ 13 Jun 2019 08:06

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Here are the schedules.

From John Govern @ 13 Jun 2019 11:06

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STILL WAITING FOR HELP!!!!  Last try as I have been posting for over a MONTH and NO HELP!  PLEASE, I want your product, I just need it to actually WORK!  HELP ME or REFUND ME and tell me who your competitors are!

From John Govern @ 22 Jun 2019 00:06

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You will need to select new stations for your shows from the guide.

For Rush:

For Sean

If you want a refund and you purchased in the last 30 days then you can request it here:   https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new 

Applian has a radio record which is a white brand of JMR (they license it off us).  Google would be your best bet to find competing products.


From CRS @ 23 Jun 2019 09:06

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THANK YOU!  Looks like this is working!

From John Govern @ 25 Jun 2019 00:06

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THANK YOU AGAIN SO VERY MUCH!!!  I am finally back to recording and the software is working fine!

From John Govern @ 28 Jun 2019 01:06

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