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Audio recording and the new Edge browser in Windows 10
Program doesn't start after upgrade to Windows 10
"This computer has an UEFI BIOS with SecureBoot enabled." message
Firefox not loading HTTPS pages when monitoring is on. Mentions sec_error_bad_signature
Using a VPN
No audio captured from "Cam" site
Music files are not automatically tagged?
Music tracks not automatically tagging when recording to FLAC format
HTTPS/SSL scanning
No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.[0x80070534]
Unable to connect to the internet: 0x800C0005
"Windows Media Player (WMP) is not installed on this machine" message
"Applications configuration has been changed" message
"Network Monitor is installed but not loading" message
"A supported Network Monitor could not be found" message
DVR recordings are being split into sections
DVR recording have sound, but the picture is frozen.
DVR recordings have audio but no video, and there is no live preview.
DVR recordings are blank with no audio and I can hear the video playing whilst the recording is happening
How to DVR Amazon Prime videos
How to DVR Netflix videos
Firefox pages do not load when monitoring. Mentions proxy errors.
Browser not loading pages when monitoring. Proxy not available errors.
Can I uninstall the previous version of a Jaksta product?
I’m having trouble connecting to my Slingbox. What can I do?
How do I map the remote control buttons?
Firefox not detecting HTTPS streams in auto mode - like youtube
HTTPS streams not captured in AUTO mode - like YouTube.
Auto detection doesnt work anymore after Windows 10 upgrade
If Jaksta Media Recorder using Winpcap doesnt detect streams in Auto Mode try this ...
"URL is not supported" when downloading from YouTube
New "Extraction engine has been updated" message
How to download and embed Subtitles and Closed Captions
Could not load Library: Failed to find or load the registered .Net Framework Data Provider
Audio recording error: Bit rate of 192 kbs is not compatible with MPEG2 (22050 Hz)
Jaksta Media Recorder AUTO capture and Chrome 58.0.3029.81 (released 04/19/2017)
ffmpeg.exe - Entry Point Not Found on XP/Vista
Windows 10 - DVR recordings are blank/black videos
Importing into iTunes from Jaksta
Unexpected error configuring the HTTPS/SSL monitor for DefaultLAN
I can not login to website in DVR Browser
Capturing YouTube Vevo Music Videos
Failed to Run Filter Graph when trying to DVR
Muxing is taking a long time