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How to generate debug logs 12 Aug 2015 13:08 1
Welcome To The New Forums! 12 Aug 2015 13:08 1
I cant access the forum - "You are not authorized to access portal" error 22 Dec 2019 08:12 1
Jaksta Media Recorder 2022 Release 13 Feb 2022 10:02 25
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Media Recorder is Incompatible with Firefox Portable 2015-08-29T07:56:04+08:00 4
Jaksta not downloading from BBC iPlayer 2015-10-10T04:54:35+08:00 7
recording problem 2016-02-09T10:03:41+08:00 12
cam4.com not download 2016-04-05T09:45:16+08:00 41
Screen Recording 2016-06-23T08:53:10+08:00 6
Jaksta 4 Streaming Media Recorder "Could not load driver JakNDis" 2015-09-07T08:54:22+08:00 2
Problem with File naming on CB 2015-09-25T07:40:07+08:00 10
DVR stops after 30 seconds on Cam4 2015-09-15T21:12:09+08:00 4
Media Recorder 6 - Thumbnails 2016-08-01T09:38:23+08:00 6
Jaksta Media Recorder 6 Network monitor don't install 2015-09-14T07:58:40+08:00 13
Way outside lines on Screen Rec... 2015-09-15T06:55:31+08:00 2
Cant record encrypted RTMP stream on Windows 10 2015-10-08T21:21:09+08:00 18
No video captured on CB 2015-09-28T02:10:06+08:00 31
Recording video streams 2015-10-05T06:41:30+08:00 4
Playing multiple instances of Jaksta Media Player 2015-10-01T12:54:52+08:00 3
Jaksta Media Recorder doen´t start, Windows 10 2015-09-30T19:39:36+08:00 9
How to get really detailed low level debug logs 2015-09-30T19:20:01+08:00 1
Closing video files 2015-10-06T09:55:20+08:00 6
JMR doesn't download anymore 2015-10-13T08:51:21+08:00 13
Jaksta 6 Media Recorder for Windows stucked 2015-10-10T08:01:57+08:00 2
Constant MP3 and Not Responding 2015-11-25T07:18:18+08:00 13
Not Recoding anymore 2015-10-21T06:43:49+08:00 8
Error when accessing Settings 2015-10-21T06:46:49+08:00 2
Settings Error 2015-10-21T06:39:11+08:00 2
End of LiveStream videos getting cut off 2015-10-24T13:08:51+08:00 4
Daily Show Trevor Noah gives errors 2015-10-28T09:04:43+08:00 8
Rachael Madow show download problem 2015-10-27T09:22:05+08:00 4
can't downlord using jaksta media recorder ( 2015-10-29T09:52:22+08:00 2
JMR - Enhancement Suggestions 2015-11-03T10:39:18+08:00 5
JAKSTA MEDIA RECORDER DOES NOT START 2015-11-08T11:00:01+08:00 15
no automatic download 2015-11-15T00:27:33+08:00 4
Avid Media Composer 2015-11-11T01:40:17+08:00 3
How to stop Jaksta downloading torrents 2015-11-16T10:46:47+08:00 7
Can you make an OEM/ODM software for me? 2015-11-27T11:56:07+08:00 2
duration limit in trial? 2015-11-19T10:26:49+08:00 2
bongacams help 2015-12-01T11:45:10+08:00 6
Jaksta Not Responding. Just Spinning Beach Balls. 2015-12-14T07:57:48+08:00 4
Will not record videos from fasthockey.com 2017-09-29T04:55:54+08:00 5
WinpCap NDIS6 Windows 10 Driver 2015-12-22T09:16:40+08:00 5
Details needed about scheduled recordings on Windows 2016-01-10T12:56:50+08:00 4
Can't get video from a site 2016-01-25T23:36:20+08:00 11
Can we grab video from NetFlix?? 2016-01-10T22:47:50+08:00 3
Scheduling a recording for changing URL? 2016-01-23T04:17:55+08:00 1
Persistant download? 2016-01-29T08:54:57+08:00 6
recording vkontakte.ru 2016-02-02T12:26:51+08:00 6
Can I get video from this site? 2016-02-04T16:50:34+08:00 2
Can I use a nick name to post a question here? 2016-02-04T20:34:00+08:00 2
I cannot use the "AUTO" mode. 2016-02-04T21:57:00+08:00 3
Your connection is not secure on firefox 2017-01-23T17:21:05+08:00 4
Corrupted Vimeo Video 2016-02-29T09:12:33+08:00 2
Meloman.ru/online 2016-03-05T09:42:54+08:00 2
Import/export (Backup) Adblocker Site entries 2016-03-14T17:56:34+08:00 3
Download Error 2016-03-29T11:03:53+08:00 6
Cam4 - Download private/group Show doesnt work since 1 April. 2016-04-07T20:47:46+08:00 8
JAKSTA MEDIA RECORDER 6 -LATEST VERSION(Downloading & Video Editing Issues) 2021-12-03T14:19:00+08:00 5
Jaksta Media recorder hangs after open a new Stream 2016-12-01T08:35:31+08:00 39
Problem recording Vimeo On Demand 2016-05-23T19:47:20+08:00 7
Distorted Video Quality 2017-02-28T06:32:22+08:00 6
auto monitor live streams on startup 2017-01-23T19:12:02+08:00 4
downt show the splash screen on startup 2016-05-30T16:43:43+08:00 4
Jaksta only 32 bit 2016-05-30T16:42:04+08:00 2
Site doesn,t work 2016-07-22T12:14:38+08:00 4
DVR not recording 2016-07-26T07:23:00+08:00 8
Replay Media Catcher - Monitor function not working with certain sites 2016-07-22T11:43:22+08:00 2
Qello only records 20 seconds and stops (like in Trial mode) 2016-08-08T08:34:32+08:00 4
url not supported - follow up 2016-08-17T07:12:10+08:00 14 install failing 2016-07-27T07:05:01+08:00 2
Jaksta Media Recorder 6 - missing subtitles 2016-08-12T06:46:07+08:00 12
recording issues 2016-08-05T10:27:36+08:00 7
Need Download Link to Jaksta 4 because of severe problems with versions 5 and 6... 2016-08-12T06:46:42+08:00 8
Jaksta Media recoder not loading 2016-08-10T07:07:14+08:00 4
jmrp.exe hangs on exit 2016-08-27T07:40:54+08:00 6
Monitoring 2016-08-15T17:39:57+08:00 3
TV auto 2016-08-16T06:47:46+08:00 4
Jaksta Media Recorder 2016-08-19T08:06:22+08:00 3
Upgrade Not Loading 2016-08-19T07:33:52+08:00 2
Can't download from svtplay.se anymore 2016-08-22T07:05:34+08:00 5
iPlayer problem after update 2016-09-05T02:07:10+08:00 18
DVR Crashes when video starts 2016-08-26T06:03:49+08:00 3
Jaksta Media Recorder 6 2016-09-03T18:12:51+08:00 2
Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox 2016-09-09T22:31:16+08:00 2
Jaksta \Media Recorder For Windows 2016-09-16T08:42:29+08:00 2
Internet Explorer Crashers when running DVR 2016-09-24T08:23:58+08:00 2
Queued or connecting - nothing happens 2016-09-27T20:57:56+08:00 5
I have an unknown device in my PC, hardware ID is jaksta_va 2016-09-26T10:40:28+08:00 2
JMR6 - Clear Library? 2016-10-01T03:32:23+08:00 3
iPlayer download not working 2016-09-28T06:01:43+08:00 2
Automode 2016-10-03T14:40:52+08:00 9
Cam4 naming rule 2016-10-11T01:31:34+08:00 3
Missing WHQL-Certificate 2016-10-10T17:59:07+08:00 2
It does not work anymore 2017-03-08T05:37:05+08:00 8
Scheduled radio programs recording does not work 2018-06-06T17:44:15+08:00 13
"complete (errors)" message 2016-10-28T06:11:26+08:00 2
How to stop ffmpeg from being used/running? JMR 2016-10-30T05:41:48+08:00 4
Any way to make JMR not use/enable IE proxy? 2016-11-14T08:49:47+08:00 6
A supported network monitor could not be found 2016-11-07T06:02:44+08:00 2
Cannot Record Jasmin RTMP 2017-04-24T07:40:24+08:00 29
Monitoring Doesn't Work 2016-11-15T08:49:04+08:00 4
Stan.com.au recording video/audio 2016-11-15T09:29:49+08:00 2
Vimeo OnDemand Problem 2016-11-16T08:12:10+08:00 5
Jacksta Media Recorder used to start-up on my Windows 10 computer, but suddenly... 2016-11-16T08:15:06+08:00 2
multiple copies of same video file? 2016-12-30T07:25:21+08:00 9
Cannot record livestream at all 2016-11-18T10:32:52+08:00 4
Can't download Cybrary Video 2016-11-22T11:50:56+08:00 2
Problems after update to 2016-12-29T09:37:11+08:00 4
SlingTV 2016-11-28T10:01:50+08:00 2
Not a valid FLV file 2016-12-03T08:03:30+08:00 17
youtube not working windows 10 Jaksta media recorder 6 2018-10-31T12:59:06+08:00 16
RMC 6 connection settings/parameters 2016-12-09T06:21:56+08:00 2
incomlete download 2016-12-09T06:37:23+08:00 2
Can't get files from YouTube any more 2016-12-14T15:32:35+08:00 6
STV PLayer 2016-12-16T20:40:41+08:00 2
Update registers as torrent client 2016-12-19T01:38:07+08:00 3
can make auto mode working 2016-12-23T23:12:04+08:00 8
Videoaufzeichnung abgebrochen 2016-12-21T09:49:44+08:00 2
Cannot record from meloman.ru site 2016-12-21T10:22:26+08:00 2
Upgrading from JMR to ... Upgrade doesn't load 2017-01-07T12:59:18+08:00 4
Not recording iPlayer Stream 2017-01-07T10:11:11+08:00 11
nfl game pass 2016-12-23T09:00:07+08:00 2
Stop to record by no sound 2016-12-28T10:08:22+08:00 2
Netflix problem 2016-12-29T09:24:27+08:00 2
Unable to download youtube video 2017-01-07T16:13:20+08:00 2
Cannot DVR from Gaia.com 2017-01-11T14:08:20+08:00 8
Jaksta crashes when stopping recording 2017-01-28T11:30:30+08:00 7
Lynda.com - strange behavior 2017-01-11T10:14:52+08:00 3
Youtube works but not any of TV station sites 2017-01-12T19:46:01+08:00 2
Realtek Disappeared 2017-01-16T07:15:02+08:00 2
AUTO problem 2017-03-29T08:46:38+08:00 8
downloading youtube 2017-01-20T03:14:05+08:00 2
Url is not supported. .chaturbate.com 2017-01-23T19:10:39+08:00 2
Netflix Login 2017-01-25T06:10:16+08:00 2
Block certain sites while monitoring? 2017-02-08T12:54:45+08:00 5
Missing Driver 2017-01-28T11:04:06+08:00 2
Sling TV in US doesn't work with Jaksta Media Recorder 2017-01-28T11:45:36+08:00 2
dishanywhere.com 2017-05-22T11:32:13+08:00 5
Auto issue 2017-02-04T07:07:30+08:00 4
Getting (403) Forbidden errors on some Youtube videos 2017-02-04T07:25:42+08:00 2
New Quality Setting on cam4 2017-04-21T23:08:47+08:00 8
Formats 2017-02-11T08:06:22+08:00 2
Faulting module jsc.ni.dll 2017-02-15T14:09:00+08:00 4
No download 2017-02-15T21:14:47+08:00 4
YouTube Red issues 2017-02-23T11:14:16+08:00 9
Can't log in to Tennis TV on DVR 2017-02-22T06:54:13+08:00 5
No recording 2017-02-24T11:51:14+08:00 2
purchase 2017-02-25T17:16:08+08:00 2
No download 2017-03-04T12:43:40+08:00 2
No recording 2017-03-04T12:46:37+08:00 2
All my Videos are now zoomed in 2017-03-13T12:50:25+08:00 10
Why don't record 2017-03-09T08:51:49+08:00 2
Firefox crash 2017-03-09T08:39:55+08:00 2
can no longer download links 2017-03-09T08:44:09+08:00 2
UrlCache folder (cached URLs by Jaksta) 2018-03-26T19:26:16+08:00 5
How many times do I need to request a password reset before you send one? 2017-03-13T09:29:57+08:00 2
Repair Jaksta 5 or tell me how to get Jaksta 6 to work??? 2017-03-13T09:38:29+08:00 2
DVR always stops after 30sec on Cam4 2017-03-13T09:49:09+08:00 2
Ustream 2017-03-13T14:49:59+08:00 3
help!!! 2017-03-14T08:24:29+08:00 2
FLIRT4FREE VIDEOS 2017-03-15T09:15:20+08:00 7
Both Jaksta and Media Replay Catcher are failing me and crippling my browser spe... 2017-03-17T10:36:15+08:00 13
Downloading several archived broadcasts at once 2017-03-16T17:22:50+08:00 4
Activation key for trail for Jaksta 2017-03-17T02:09:51+08:00 1
activation key for trail of Jaksts Media Record 6 2017-03-17T10:28:05+08:00 2
Media Recorder will not launch based on scheduled programs 2017-03-21T09:08:43+08:00 7
No audio 2017-03-21T09:14:39+08:00 2
Support for bigo.tv 2017-03-22T22:28:18+08:00 5
Jaksta 6 program not opening 2017-03-28T19:33:22+08:00 2
Jaksta Media Recorder version 5.01.54 - switched back to demo mode 2017-03-31T13:49:54+08:00 3
Periscope's recent URL change 2017-04-04T07:22:31+08:00 3
Unable to sign in to Netflix 2017-04-12T20:06:03+08:00 14
No private connection 2017-04-11T12:08:11+08:00 2
BBC Download problems 2017-04-13T14:34:59+08:00 7
why can only recod 7.50min 2017-04-11T12:10:06+08:00 2
Recording RTMP stream that has no URL 2017-04-11T17:33:55+08:00 3
recording 2017-04-19T07:08:18+08:00 2
Status Complete (Errors) after running a a while 2017-04-19T07:13:14+08:00 2
video stream not downloading 2017-04-21T13:06:21+08:00 2
BBC iPlayer download error 2017-04-25T08:06:17+08:00 2
Not downloading from play.tv2.dk 2017-06-09T03:13:44+08:00 7
BBC Subtitles 2017-04-29T06:59:58+08:00 2
https sites can't load 2017-05-02T11:48:32+08:00 10
Can't download on chaturbate 2017-04-30T10:34:40+08:00 2
Upgrading from JMR 6 to JMR 7 2017-05-09T14:16:42+08:00 6
DVR & Silverlight 2017-05-11T12:02:46+08:00 5
JMR7 is not recording sites JMR6 would 2017-06-03T10:17:36+08:00 23
Jaksta fails to record audio 2017-06-05T10:47:26+08:00 6
File naming partially broken in latest version(s) 2017-07-05T03:41:43+08:00 10
Jaksta Media Recorder NowTV 2017-08-23T17:23:32+08:00 6
Stop recording 2017-05-30T10:35:00+08:00 2
https:// are completing with errors 2017-06-01T08:29:48+08:00 2
Audio fluctuates 2017-06-03T10:13:27+08:00 4
creative live recording on windows 10? 2017-06-10T08:42:36+08:00 6
network monitor not found 2017-06-10T08:41:18+08:00 2
Not a valid FLV file 2017-06-14T17:33:44+08:00 2
Downloading audio from Mixcloud.com issues 2017-06-16T04:16:13+08:00 3
How to record a stream without stopping? 2017-06-16T10:19:06+08:00 2
Naming rules 2017-07-20T08:50:12+08:00 8
Jaksta Night Mode? 2017-06-26T18:05:21+08:00 2
Jasmin HTML5 2017-08-15T23:42:34+08:00 14
jaksta recording files as mpg and not flv?? 2017-07-05T11:44:22+08:00 4
Refund 2017-07-19T15:27:14+08:00 9
Why does my stream show as double time when the song is only half? 2017-07-12T16:04:27+08:00 4
Videos freezing every 2 sec 2017-07-18T08:31:08+08:00 2
Amazon 2017-07-19T08:33:41+08:00 4
Videos not downloading, only Complete(Errors) 2017-07-19T11:17:22+08:00 2
How to help with translation? 2017-07-22T10:28:45+08:00 4
not able to recording 2017-07-25T14:06:08+08:00 3
cbtnuggets.com 2017-07-28T15:03:19+08:00 3
Noticeable problem with memory for Jaksta Media Recorder (Windows) 2017-07-28T11:01:59+08:00 2
Hoopla download 2017-10-09T10:34:39+08:00 6
Recording/Downloading from HTML5 Based Video 2017-07-31T14:50:54+08:00 2
Jaksta 7 + plugin Firefox = record .flv ? 2017-08-03T20:27:24+08:00 8
I am not able to record or downlaod anything 2017-08-03T06:41:23+08:00 3
Facebook video no audio 2017-08-01T19:10:21+08:00 1
File Conversion in Jaksta Media Recorder 2017-08-03T06:25:16+08:00 2
Cannot download Sing Snap songs with latest Media Downloader 2017-08-09T17:15:51+08:00 2
How do I make Jaksta Media Recorder NOT try to download my torrents when I'm doi... 2017-08-08T13:33:50+08:00 2
Chaturbate has become impossible for me to capture. Totally grey video image and... 2017-11-12T20:51:45+08:00 6
Windows 10 - DVR Video format and quality 2017-08-14T10:18:23+08:00 2
Unable to start Jaksta 2017-08-14T13:21:15+08:00 7
JMR unable to record from Medici.tv 2017-08-17T13:57:08+08:00 3
Unable to record from site 2017-09-11T11:32:08+08:00 9
Monitor mode adding 10000 empty monitors 2018-03-27T03:29:22+08:00 9
Unable to record streamate 2017-08-21T10:44:09+08:00 3
Unable to start Jaksta 2017-08-21T13:40:40+08:00 2
Unable to install Wincap Network Monitor when installing Jaksta Media Recorder 7... 2017-08-21T10:26:37+08:00 2
Trying to use with NOW TV 2017-08-23T11:59:17+08:00 2
Cant start Media Recorder 2017-10-21T12:41:15+08:00 6
Media recorder 2017-08-28T08:09:23+08:00 2
How to start DVR recording in fullscreen for Netflix? 2017-08-31T11:39:55+08:00 2
Recording Vidangel streams 2019-01-17T07:42:18+08:00 3
Media Recorder failure 2017-08-31T17:08:20+08:00 3
Error Scheduling Voot Videos 2017-08-31T11:33:37+08:00 2
unable to start Jaksta Media Recorder 7 2017-10-06T09:09:53+08:00 24
The requested security protocol is not supported 2017-09-01T10:31:01+08:00 2
Download YouTube live stream when YT blocked 2017-09-05T14:25:39+08:00 7
capturing certain websites 2017-10-01T17:02:16+08:00 9
Cannot update to 2017-09-08T23:25:29+08:00 3
Torrents 2017-09-05T13:05:15+08:00 2
Streamate Audio 2017-09-13T08:48:17+08:00 6
Can no longer download from Vimeo 2017-09-22T14:25:59+08:00 3
DVR Times out and no audio 2017-09-22T12:46:49+08:00 2
DVR Video flasing 2017-09-18T06:20:08+08:00 1
DVR playback video flashing. 2017-09-20T12:53:42+08:00 1
DVR recordings flash on playback 2017-09-22T10:15:30+08:00 1
Help needed at the end of process 2017-10-01T17:20:10+08:00 6
ver.movistarplus.es opens a second window so Jaksta doesn't work 2017-09-29T04:58:15+08:00 1
How can I record nowtv? 2017-09-30T07:02:15+08:00 2
How can I stop media recorder from trying to download from amazon 2017-09-30T06:45:38+08:00 2
Download entire channels or playlists 2017-09-30T08:17:48+08:00 5
This DVR Browser requires IE to be running in single process mode. 2017-10-05T17:18:35+08:00 7
Since yesterday Auto Stream detect will no longer work on cam4 2017-10-11T10:31:56+08:00 8
Support for Fuji.TV Live 2017-10-10T18:58:01+08:00 3
Problem with activation 2017-10-11T18:25:43+08:00 2
Don´t work activatio key 2017-10-11T18:26:54+08:00 2
no audio - recorder 2017-10-12T07:22:33+08:00 2
Since upgrading today, keep getting errors in Auto Detection 2017-10-30T13:13:02+08:00 13
Black video recording BBC iplayer videos 2017-10-17T11:08:08+08:00 5
Download error 2017-10-18T07:19:57+08:00 5
Recording video from Facebook 2017-10-23T08:46:28+08:00 9
Complete (errors) 2017-10-17T08:29:45+08:00 2
Streamate and HTML5 2017-10-17T16:33:56+08:00 2
Flirt4free 2017-10-21T13:04:23+08:00 7
hulu and netflix will not record 2018-10-30T00:39:23+08:00 6
Jaksta 7.00.14 - Cannot add sites to ad blocker 2017-10-26T06:55:16+08:00 7
Getting the error while starting the Version 7 in Win10 2017-10-20T15:49:35+08:00 2
Auto feature doesn't work 2017-10-21T20:59:21+08:00 1
Sound and Video Problems with Jaksta for Windows 2017-10-27T13:52:44+08:00 6
"Browser not supported" - Eurosport Player 2017-10-23T09:20:21+08:00 2
jaudcap.dll 2017-10-25T00:33:42+08:00 3
Chrome and Dvr download 2017-11-06T15:31:38+08:00 3
ACTIVTION KEY TOO MANY TIMES?? 2017-11-06T08:37:13+08:00 2
Muxing ad infinitum 2019-10-01T19:31:29+08:00 3
camsoda.com 2017-11-10T08:10:17+08:00 2
Trying to capture DisneyXD show 2017-11-10T08:06:48+08:00 2
No Video with Hudl.com video 2017-11-10T02:21:59+08:00 1
can no longer download from site 2017-12-15T09:20:56+08:00 9
Save to MP3 no longer working 2017-12-02T07:28:47+08:00 3
Monitor starts multiple streams under certain conditions 2017-11-17T14:36:39+08:00 2
DVR Error 2017-11-20T08:32:42+08:00 6
Downloading HD bilibili stream 2017-11-18T08:48:20+08:00 2
No sound with v7.0.0.43 2017-11-20T02:25:42+08:00 3
cannot download video 2017-12-06T05:33:11+08:00 3
Issues capturing Napster streams 2017-11-30T22:43:58+08:00 3
complete with errors 304 2017-12-04T09:53:07+08:00 5
Auto-Delete Completed Recordings Under a certain size 2017-12-07T07:08:35+08:00 2
What is "chunklist" in media Recorder? 2019-04-23T11:08:00+08:00 3
Login via DVR Browser 2017-12-13T15:12:20+08:00 4
Source URL pulling wrong quality 2017-12-14T12:49:11+08:00 2
SkyGo recording/streaming option 2018-01-08T11:59:27+08:00 7
Video downloaded but can not watch 2018-01-31T13:27:48+08:00 10
fiille name and dirextory name both too long 2017-12-29T09:21:19+08:00 2
Can't access app 2017-12-29T09:24:25+08:00 2
Why have you started spamming the "Description" field of my files' metadata with... 2020-10-13T13:44:52+08:00 5
LiveJasmin Blank Duration 2018-01-24T23:14:19+08:00 9
Set default 'quality' for YouTube download 2018-01-22T14:21:26+08:00 6
Jaksta Crashes Often in Latest Windows 10 2018-01-26T08:28:39+08:00 12
Instagram Live videos --> error 403 and lost recording 2018-02-02T11:28:40+08:00 2
Proxy setting changing 2018-01-24T12:05:34+08:00 4
Jaksta causes Firefox errors 2018-02-12T12:45:33+08:00 8
recording problems 2018-02-01T12:50:05+08:00 2
Missing files 2018-02-21T11:27:13+08:00 12
Is there a way to get this to work with NOW TV 2018-02-06T11:25:22+08:00 2
Trying to grab History.com no video 2018-02-06T11:05:23+08:00 2
Version Not Working, please help! 2018-02-07T01:30:47+08:00 3
VPN - SmartDNS and similar 2018-02-12T12:41:01+08:00 2
Daily Show as fragments?: 2018-02-14T10:29:11+08:00 5
FireFox and Jaksta not working 2018-02-19T05:56:10+08:00 13
IPTV Streams on Media Player 2018-02-27T07:13:55+08:00 2
Win7: Copy & Paste does not work 2018-03-06T16:28:24+08:00 8
Win7: PlayList 2018-03-06T16:25:27+08:00 9
Pause Button For Media Recorder 2018-03-22T07:44:37+08:00 2
.dat and other non video files 2018-03-03T09:44:05+08:00 2
Detection and Alerting of Incorrect Content 2018-03-09T00:04:51+08:00 3
Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows Not Working with thv11 2018-12-17T07:49:23+08:00 55
Restarting Auto-Record for every videos 2018-03-13T11:24:01+08:00 6
Unexpected Fatal Error - Could not load file or assembly 2018-03-13T19:24:37+08:00 4
bigo.tv/pc 2018-04-16T08:34:07+08:00 6
Livejasmin showing model as offline when Stream Downloader Auto is on and wont r... 2018-04-11T11:37:05+08:00 20
Issues with version 7 of Jaksta media recorder 2018-03-21T07:26:16+08:00 2
napster on auto 2018-03-26T15:01:01+08:00 5
Out of Memory... 2018-03-26T14:56:40+08:00 2
screen collaspse... 2018-03-25T23:12:07+08:00 1
MFC wont recorded using both DVR or stream downloader 2018-03-28T11:34:31+08:00 4
how to record MFC 2018-03-26T22:29:17+08:00 1
Jaksta is not conneced to chrome 2018-03-28T13:56:26+08:00 3
jaudcap.dll causes AutoCAD to fail 2018-03-29T07:56:16+08:00 3
Jaksta does not open 2018-03-29T20:08:50+08:00 3
RTMP url with .stream suffix does not work 2018-04-24T07:41:32+08:00 3
Media recorder sound issue 2018-04-07T11:05:38+08:00 2
YouTube videos bypassing blocker 2018-04-12T13:52:49+08:00 7
After repeated attempts of reinstailing Jaksta, the activation key cannot be use... 2018-04-15T01:27:55+08:00 3
chaturbate credential for Extractor logins 2018-04-14T07:10:53+08:00 2
recording problems 2018-04-27T08:25:41+08:00 13
MEDIA RECORDER 2018-04-16T13:10:52+08:00 2
Temp folder log files - Deviare 2018-04-21T09:53:21+08:00 3
file delete confirmation. 2018-04-27T08:21:09+08:00 2
Commedy Channel not working correctly with DVR 2018-05-02T10:25:39+08:00 4
videos will not record 2018-05-08T10:20:09+08:00 8
Flash Needs Updating message when using DVR 2018-05-02T10:26:28+08:00 5
EuroSportplayer Recording Error 2018-05-03T12:16:33+08:00 4
No Sound From Download from LiveStream 2018-05-05T23:42:46+08:00 3
Recorder 2018-05-28T13:23:34+08:00 5
Jaksta closing itself down... 2018-05-28T17:41:46+08:00 7
Not supporting RTSP stream 2018-05-18T08:03:00+08:00 2
Not Work For me i got all error 2018-05-21T09:46:56+08:00 2
Not support youtube video 2018-05-29T22:06:02+08:00 1
Low download speed from YouTube 2018-05-31T11:47:31+08:00 2
Jaksta closing itself down - bug report 2018-06-11T01:57:22+08:00 16
Doesn't work on Stripchat 2018-06-08T17:02:35+08:00 1
Convert to this format and quality once comple not working 2018-06-25T10:56:32+08:00 10
0xc10100be 2018-06-11T09:26:43+08:00 2
livestream downloads terminate early 2018-08-30T09:33:45+08:00 25
fail to record 2018-06-14T07:12:24+08:00 4
IMLIVE.COM - support - jaksta media recorder 2018-06-14T23:15:15+08:00 1
Status "Connecting" 2018-06-22T12:43:05+08:00 6
trial mode 2018-06-17T13:33:53+08:00 2
Netflix Title Bar issue 2018-06-19T07:18:16+08:00 5
toggle sg subtitles 2018-06-18T10:59:52+08:00 2
JMR won't start 2018-07-27T08:04:23+08:00 6
DVR Browser recording resolution is not ideal for netflix and vudu 2018-06-22T21:53:46+08:00 4
JMR won't schedule a download from this livestream from mdr.de 2018-07-03T12:15:01+08:00 5
Edit of schedule item failed 2018-06-28T17:01:37+08:00 3
recording problem with cam4 2018-07-18T06:22:25+08:00 11
No Internet Connection when I switch ON the AUTO Button. 2018-07-09T10:11:59+08:00 10
Stream downloading no longer works on VKontakte 2018-07-09T10:47:28+08:00 2
Jaksta isn't recording Vudu via the DVR 2018-07-12T08:13:30+08:00 2
Media recorder unable to detect multiple pages with target url in BiliBili 2018-07-15T13:57:27+08:00 3
Monitor not working with myfreecams but works with chaturbate 2018-07-15T08:56:21+08:00 5
Jmr 2018-07-14T11:04:32+08:00 1
Media Recorder no longer recording youtube 2018-07-31T02:55:44+08:00 12
Real-time streaming down problem from wecandeo.com 2018-08-06T08:29:04+08:00 2
Not recording streamate rtmp streams 2018-09-17T06:48:28+08:00 5
last update and youtube 2018-09-11T13:58:02+08:00 7
you tube 2018-09-10T12:29:54+08:00 4
6play.fr download compatibility 2018-09-28T07:55:33+08:00 6
Can not activate Jaksta Media Recorder on my windows laptop 2018-09-18T13:30:42+08:00 2
Unable to record Streamate 2018-09-19T10:22:07+08:00 2
Money back guatantee 2018-09-28T07:30:11+08:00 2
Too many empty monitors being created automatically 2018-12-31T13:02:02+08:00 11
DVR - Can't record on NBC 2018-12-29T04:45:02+08:00 16
annoying little download windows on my screen 2018-10-08T12:51:39+08:00 2
dvr recordings 2018-10-08T12:48:47+08:00 2
Change Names of Network Interfaces 2019-02-16T19:43:08+08:00 4
Jaksta not recording from streamate.com 2018-10-11T22:23:21+08:00 2
JMR - Can't enable "auto" 2018-10-20T16:20:53+08:00 3
recent upgrade 2018-11-20T11:24:32+08:00 22
Jaksta Media Recorder slows down, crashes and eventually fails to start 2018-11-16T01:32:39+08:00 13
Jaksta Funktion "Screen" missed! 2018-10-29T22:47:53+08:00 4
JMR7- 2018-10-29T08:14:39+08:00 2
MotoGP 2018-10-29T01:39:24+08:00 1
Two of Everything 2018-10-29T08:12:03+08:00 2
Documentation of Jaksta Media Recorder 2018-10-29T22:57:13+08:00 2
Windows 10 1809 - DVR recordings are blank/black videos 2019-01-10T10:45:54+08:00 7
Record from YouTube Premium 2018-11-02T09:33:09+08:00 7
Hulu DVR recording problem 2018-10-31T08:57:23+08:00 2
Unable to direct download video. 2018-11-05T09:39:49+08:00 4
Trying to record NowTV sky sports but cant 2018-11-05T09:41:34+08:00 2
Can't download from Meloman.ru 2018-12-14T20:09:09+08:00 3
Jaksta can't connect to internet 2018-11-07T09:02:59+08:00 2
How to use hlsd.exe from the command line 2018-11-12T12:21:43+08:00 2
Option for monitor quality 2018-11-15T08:34:49+08:00 2
DVR 2018-11-26T08:51:28+08:00 10
Skype Video Calls 2018-11-19T13:44:39+08:00 2
Jaksta Media Recorder doesn't start. 2018-12-15T19:19:43+08:00 6
Multiple part show on tvnow.de 2018-11-22T16:26:57+08:00 1
Bluestacks/apps support (request) 2018-12-10T00:11:02+08:00 3
ssl error 2018-12-03T14:28:32+08:00 2
Suporte Tecnico 2018-12-17T07:42:52+08:00 2
Jaksta Media Recorder wont detect Livejasmin streams on firefox, but youtube and... 2019-01-11T21:29:59+08:00 2
Crashes with updates 2018-12-31T13:01:10+08:00 2
Windows explorer doesnt start anymore 2018-12-20T10:07:30+08:00 1
Help with downloading this stream, please? 2019-01-17T07:37:28+08:00 3
latest myfreecams hi-def widescreen recordings missing/blank video stream 2018-12-28T11:52:54+08:00 1
Monitors requesting Login 2019-01-15T10:49:25+08:00 5
livestreams stop downloading when auto recording 2019-01-11T09:29:43+08:00 6
Subtitle from CrunchyRoll? 2019-01-05T15:05:54+08:00 1
Running now tv app from jaksta 2019-01-10T10:50:58+08:00 2
Unable to download live YouTube streams. 2019-01-14T01:49:46+08:00 2
DOWNLOAD CSPAN 2019-01-17T07:40:08+08:00 2
unresponsive jmr / webcam stream recording time dilation / ghosting problems 2019-06-25T22:26:41+08:00 16
Error when using Auto 2019-05-20T09:53:32+08:00 6
auto capture results in error message 2019-02-26T10:49:23+08:00 23
Jaksta stop recording when there is a short pause in middle of a song 2019-01-30T11:01:50+08:00 2
Question about DVR Quality 2019-01-31T13:40:05+08:00 2
JMR doesnt detect Livejasmin streams in firefox. 2019-02-01T07:44:27+08:00 4
Refund requested 2019-02-01T07:31:30+08:00 2
Windows 10 1809 - DVR recordings are blank/black videos 2019-04-09T09:50:42+08:00 9
JMR is crashing when the internet connection will be interrupted. 2019-03-22T20:34:35+08:00 15
monitor 2019-03-08T08:50:57+08:00 3
Invalid appkey parameter 2019-02-20T12:39:38+08:00 1
"URL is not supported" when downloading from BBC iPlayer / BBC Sounds website us... 2019-02-21T09:04:41+08:00 3
Capture failed on Youtube 2019-02-26T15:52:51+08:00 4
JMRP terminates in middle of recording a RTMP stream 2019-03-04T02:11:37+08:00 4
Still problems using URL 2019-03-18T08:44:53+08:00 21
Failure to record TCM 2019-02-28T15:52:03+08:00 1
kindly Help Jaksta Media Recorder 7 crashes on start 2019-03-08T07:51:41+08:00 6
kindly Help Jaksta Media Recorder 7 crashes on start 2019-02-28T18:27:00+08:00 1
Downloading webrtc streams? 2019-03-10T07:34:46+08:00 4
Jaksta Failure 2019-03-08T08:28:10+08:00 1
Internet monitor not warking 2019-03-10T07:21:48+08:00 2
jaksta not record anything 2019-03-10T07:24:19+08:00 2
Blank Screen After Recording 2019-03-11T10:56:20+08:00 4
NOWTV 2019-03-11T10:53:51+08:00 2
turns sound of computer 2019-03-13T09:24:48+08:00 2
Credentials required 2019-03-14T12:07:58+08:00 2
Jacksta not working or not working properly 2019-03-22T07:11:10+08:00 2
media recorder not workng or not working correctly 2019-03-26T11:59:59+08:00 3
failed download 2019-03-28T09:13:32+08:00 4
Internet Explorer 2019-08-27T11:22:50+08:00 13
media recorder not working or not working properly 2019-03-28T15:05:41+08:00 1
Can't download video 2019-04-11T08:09:50+08:00 4
JAKSTA MEDIA RECORDER 7 (WINDOWS) 2019-04-12T13:39:49+08:00 8
media recorder either isnt working or isnt working correctly 2019-04-07T12:02:50+08:00 1
Media Err decode: failed to prepare video sample for decode 2019-04-16T17:28:23+08:00 3
Does not work! 2019-04-09T09:19:02+08:00 2
Does not work! 2019-04-09T09:14:50+08:00 2
Recording Webrtc on myfreecams 2019-10-01T01:33:48+08:00 26
recording problem 2019-04-16T09:17:31+08:00 3
Unable to record from NowTV 2019-04-17T23:45:55+08:00 1
Media Recorder - Rightnow Media 2019-04-19T02:29:59+08:00 1
WWE Network 2019-04-20T13:20:57+08:00 1
Download Error 2019-04-23T10:59:58+08:00 2
JaKsta Media Recorder Win - stops recording after 30 seconds 2019-04-23T08:23:29+08:00 2
Vimeo not downloading in media recorder 2020-01-20T08:36:16+08:00 5
jackta media recorder 2019-04-23T14:16:34+08:00 1
Jaksta version is not able to download any youtube videos. I am a premi... 2019-05-03T01:14:02+08:00 12
Jaksta Media Recorder ver broken for capturing YouTube videos 2019-04-25T15:21:26+08:00 2
unable to download some youtube videos in all the different qualities 2019-05-01T18:20:28+08:00 7
Mm 2019-04-29T13:24:57+08:00 2
Apps for tv players 2019-04-29T13:27:52+08:00 2
Video capture doesn't work for streaming video. Please help! 2019-04-30T16:19:18+08:00 3
Video capture doesn't work for streaming video. It captures the all the sound b... 2019-04-30T05:11:47+08:00 1
how determine if you have latest jaksta media recorder version? 2019-05-02T09:28:19+08:00 1 Bad Performance of the Monitor 2019-07-10T11:40:45+08:00 21
issues with netflix 2019-05-09T14:20:29+08:00 3
Recording stream from livacha.com 2019-05-05T21:22:00+08:00 2
Camcontacts 2019-05-09T14:05:30+08:00 2
Play in the right-click menu 2019-05-13T09:26:08+08:00 2
No monitors available... 2019-05-08T11:26:11+08:00 3
teachable with embeded wistia? 2019-07-24T12:10:59+08:00 12
Problems with downloading from live cam sites 2019-05-09T09:36:26+08:00 1
How to add more urls to the monitor? 2019-05-13T09:15:19+08:00 2
Stream protected - but it wasn't 1 day ago? 2019-05-23T00:30:46+08:00 4
Downloading stripchat.com (public and private) - possible? 2019-05-20T09:57:40+08:00 2
livejasmin.com or streamate.com are no longer supported? 2019-06-13T16:18:01+08:00 5
Closed captioning worked but doesn't now 2019-05-23T00:43:16+08:00 2
Notification sound... 2019-05-24T21:38:35+08:00 9
Live streams on OK.ru 2019-07-31T16:43:40+08:00 3
No Audio in video, but can download audio track separately 2019-05-29T04:54:28+08:00 1
DVR on Windows 10 build 1089 2019-07-10T09:34:29+08:00 3
BBC iPlayer Not Working 2019-06-05T16:08:09+08:00 2
BBC iPlayer Not Working 2019-06-05T16:07:02+08:00 1
wistia not recording... 2019-06-08T04:57:21+08:00 1
Jaksta Media Recorder not recording stream 2019-06-13T08:47:15+08:00 2
Videos will not download from youtube.com 2019-06-17T12:29:52+08:00 2
Jaksta Media recorder Not working 2020-02-24T12:47:57+08:00 5
Jmr recording portions of media 2019-06-23T13:19:21+08:00 3
Monitor Live Streams logs disappearing 2019-06-24T11:49:42+08:00 4
Can Jaksta record Youtube TV from the Library? 2019-07-10T07:55:00+08:00 2
I can't activate the software anymore 2019-07-02T09:36:15+08:00 2
JMR not downloading YouTube live streams 2019-07-15T16:32:35+08:00 8
Media Recorder won't start 2019-07-16T12:06:18+08:00 2
record site amateur.tv 2020-04-19T19:28:46+08:00 2
licence time 2019-07-18T16:11:46+08:00 2
Paypal Issue 2019-07-19T08:50:15+08:00 2
SSL Scanner failed connected to firefox 2019-07-31T09:12:50+08:00 11
replace my old mobo and cpu and now Jaksta Media Recorder no longer activated 2019-07-21T08:48:15+08:00 2
Recording Mubi.com films with subtitles using DVR 2019-07-21T08:49:50+08:00 2
Few files are not downloading from same website 2019-07-31T18:13:09+08:00 8
Recording on dxlive 2019-07-31T05:38:43+08:00 4
Can't I download a video from a mobile app? 2019-07-24T13:16:42+08:00 2
Problem with subtitles download. 2019-07-25T07:50:56+08:00 1
BLACK SCREEN 2019-07-31T05:37:53+08:00 2
YouTube live stream file naming is 'broken' 2019-08-01T08:56:25+08:00 3
jsc.ni.dll installation/updating 2019-08-09T08:52:59+08:00 4
Record Vudu 2019-08-07T14:20:52+08:00 2
Still can't get closed captioning (subtitles) on Netflix 2019-08-07T09:43:30+08:00 2
Enable Flash 2019-08-07T14:07:24+08:00 2
Chaturbate download freezes when asked for login/password for private shows 2019-08-08T05:02:38+08:00 1
1280x720 in myfreecams.com 2019-09-19T03:16:26+08:00 3
Schedule the downloading of a live webcam stream? 2019-08-13T08:46:13+08:00 4
Flixtor 2019-08-14T09:47:18+08:00 8
Flixtor 2019-08-18T04:30:41+08:00 6
Black Screen on ScreenRecord, and only sound 2019-09-17T12:19:02+08:00 17
Screen Recorder, NO video ONLY sound 2019-08-28T06:27:33+08:00 3
JMR => DVR still not working for Windows 10 1903 Pro 2019-12-04T07:32:26+08:00 8
Activation requested when using docking station 2019-08-26T19:14:26+08:00 2
Naming Rules Issue 2019-09-02T12:55:25+08:00 2
I'm still with video without IMAGE 2019-09-03T08:38:05+08:00 4
Auto record freezes all downloads from Microsoft Edge 2019-09-02T18:08:58+08:00 1
How to download video from CBT nuggets web site. 2019-09-06T09:04:09+08:00 2
crash 2019-09-25T04:22:50+08:00 4
No Picture 2019-09-16T12:03:12+08:00 2
Installation Malware Report 2019-09-19T01:34:00+08:00 3
no sound on video 2019-09-20T12:54:45+08:00 2
sing snap files 2019-09-20T12:48:19+08:00 2
Singsnap files 2019-09-20T12:47:05+08:00 2 Long time cancelling... 2019-09-20T17:22:54+08:00 1
Series download from same Site (TV Now) sometimes works / sometimes not 2019-10-09T20:32:39+08:00 2
latest update for version 7 media recorder 2019-10-03T08:31:44+08:00 2
Jaksta Sporadic Download YouTube Failures 2019-10-03T08:19:43+08:00 2
AUTO monitor does not work 2019-10-13T05:25:19+08:00 6
no auto detection for streamate 2019-10-09T16:42:40+08:00 3
Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows 2019-10-11T16:16:21+08:00 1
IDP.ALEXA.51 2019-10-22T16:03:34+08:00 4
Unable to download "shared" YouTube live streams 2019-10-25T11:06:47+08:00 3
Cannot record from UKTV Play 2019-10-20T20:08:29+08:00 1
Monitored live YouTube streams "not detected" 2019-11-08T10:15:56+08:00 3
Stan Tv record failure 2019-10-26T06:42:43+08:00 1
Preferred download quality setting doesn't work correctly under certain conditio... 2019-10-31T07:17:38+08:00 2
dvr recording, sound comes out of speakers, recording will not complete 2019-11-12T20:17:23+08:00 9
SlingTV could be recorded in trial version but not after activation 2019-11-10T02:39:10+08:00 3
Chaturbate issues 2019-11-10T00:18:27+08:00 13
Cahturbate no longer downloads as of 7 Nov 2019 2019-12-28T09:38:19+08:00 15
chaturbate won't record on JMR after they upgraded their site 2019-11-09T12:35:35+08:00 2
Jaksta not recording streams 2019-11-09T12:37:49+08:00 2
video but no audio 2019-11-12T19:52:08+08:00 3
Cant download some streams from yiihuu.com 2019-11-16T07:08:28+08:00 3
Unable to download playlist at bilibili.com 2019-11-12T16:53:38+08:00 2
DVR Monitoring 2019-11-13T19:09:20+08:00 2
Some Myfreecams Streams Not Downloading 2020-01-09T07:54:07+08:00 11
set up Auto Monitor 2019-11-15T07:26:43+08:00 3
VirusTotal - Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows v7.0.3.1 2019-11-19T12:59:00+08:00 3
I used the DVR recorder browser to record video from a web site. How to you see... 2019-11-25T11:35:43+08:00 1
Galaxy tab e 2019-12-05T08:19:44+08:00 6
Jaksta Media Recorder 7 - Auto Detect & Download Video 2019-12-04T07:36:49+08:00 4
Download Failure - https://www.sat1gold.de 2019-12-23T04:55:20+08:00 3
Streamate private chat 2019-12-09T11:26:26+08:00 2
Crehana.com Issue 2019-12-09T11:28:52+08:00 3
suggestion for better / custom naming of downloaded files and folders for YT / T... 2019-12-09T09:56:01+08:00 2
suggestion: manual download options for a series of sequentially numbers files o... 2019-12-09T11:22:39+08:00 2
YouTube Download Error 2019-12-19T06:54:57+08:00 10
Jaksta download from YouTube appears to work, then is truncated to 32 Bytes 2019-12-19T06:55:56+08:00 6
Complete with errors 2019-12-09T09:57:18+08:00 2
Stripchat not working in monitor live stream mode 2019-12-18T06:11:56+08:00 5
Netflix Blank Screen 2020-07-02T09:42:52+08:00 14
Problem stream download from www.cpiuris.com.br 2019-12-16T12:19:12+08:00 2
Occassional Issues whilst downloading from Chaturbate 2020-03-16T10:14:25+08:00 12
URL not reported messages suddenly appear 2019-12-17T14:05:31+08:00 2
JMR Audio Recorder only via Stereo Mix 2019-12-17T06:42:51+08:00 2
xhamsterlive broken? 2020-02-24T12:46:05+08:00 5
Strange percentage and, after complete, no image on video(black screen)... 2019-12-22T18:26:11+08:00 4
Failed to run filter graph 2020-02-24T14:17:35+08:00 8
download from facebook 2019-12-28T07:30:52+08:00 2
Jaksta not downloading from Chatterbate. 2019-12-30T07:20:41+08:00 2
Multiple cams on one YouTube "page" 2020-01-12T04:15:47+08:00 7
BBC I Player 2020-01-04T22:30:27+08:00 2
Soundtrack 2020-01-13T07:43:38+08:00 2
Download link for this cam, please? 2020-01-18T17:02:48+08:00 3
Unable to find a speaker 2020-01-20T07:45:00+08:00 2
404 Error on MFC 2020-01-26T07:20:45+08:00 3
Short segments with using DVR on live webcast 2020-01-22T22:50:12+08:00 1
MP4 without image 2020-02-20T09:36:23+08:00 3
Please add support for stream downloading of apps (through Bluestacks) 2020-01-26T01:02:56+08:00 1
DVR with CBS All Access drops message "Can't add audio source. Possibly, require... 2020-01-26T03:34:35+08:00 1
RIP MFC Recording 2020-02-21T01:42:57+08:00 5
Updated Jaksta Media Recorder and it sped working 2020-01-27T01:07:04+08:00 1
My5 2020-01-27T17:22:26+08:00 1
Cannot send to iTunes 2020-02-03T09:56:00+08:00 2
Automatically downloading two streams 2020-02-11T10:10:30+08:00 2
windows 10 problem. need to upgrade? 2020-02-11T10:12:15+08:00 2
error message "could not load driver Jackndis" 2020-02-04T16:54:50+08:00 1
Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows VUDU 2020-02-11T10:14:20+08:00 2
Vudu Recording on Jakasta Directions are not Correct 2020-02-20T09:41:03+08:00 2
Error 2021-11-29T11:58:06+08:00 5
connection problem 2020-03-05T08:35:46+08:00 10
Jaksta not working for www.my5.tv 2020-03-16T10:21:31+08:00 9
Chunklist & Disk - Problems (PC overallocated!) 2020-04-24T08:30:38+08:00 10
MyFreCams.com - Recording Wrong Model 2020-03-09T07:58:24+08:00 2
Audio file ext 2020-03-09T07:55:01+08:00 2
Can't record from Youtube this what I get 2020-03-09T07:52:24+08:00 2
Jaksta + chrome recording not working 2020-04-26T12:06:42+08:00 5
XHamster not downloading... 2020-03-16T23:03:31+08:00 1
Audio issue after installing product 2020-03-30T14:12:35+08:00 4
Apple TV+ Only Records Audio. Video Is Frozen 2020-03-30T13:25:41+08:00 2
Apple TV DVR stopped working 2020-03-30T13:24:47+08:00 2
Add Channel 2020-03-30T13:19:08+08:00 2
DVR Guide 2020-03-30T13:17:36+08:00 2
https/ssl monitor error 2020-04-01T09:31:23+08:00 2
Capture amateur.tv error "url not supported... 2020-04-03T10:41:20+08:00 2
can i download courses from these sites ? 2020-04-16T11:54:12+08:00 2
what does this mean? 2020-04-08T14:35:00+08:00 4
cannot grab video 2020-04-16T09:14:38+08:00 3
selecting the URL with 1/2/3 clicks 2020-04-16T11:50:19+08:00 2
Problem with Patreon protected videos 2020-04-16T12:23:16+08:00 1
download 2020-04-24T08:03:20+08:00 2
Wrong length capturing from amateur.tv with AUTO 2020-04-19T19:22:27+08:00 1
Chaturbate Monitoring corrupted 2020-06-06T12:16:47+08:00 6
After installing Jaksta Media Recorder 7 ( Speakers will not work 2020-04-26T12:04:06+08:00 2
Problems with installing Jaksta 2020-05-07T09:49:42+08:00 2
How can I make sure this will download Funimation videos prior to buying? 2020-04-30T17:16:18+08:00 3
Jaksta downloads separate auudio and video from livestream 2020-07-06T18:36:11+08:00 8
installation problems 2020-06-23T23:34:08+08:00 18
Jaksta Media Recorder Restarts recordings after stopping in MP4 2020-05-05T08:08:17+08:00 2
Jaksta (AUTO) preventing other applications 2020-05-07T09:24:34+08:00 2
Resolution changes in the middle of video 2020-05-10T19:25:47+08:00 9
Jaksta not "finalising" this mp4 stream on completion 2020-05-11T17:59:20+08:00 3
A generic error occured in GDI+ 2020-05-12T16:54:47+08:00 2
How do I record from LivexLive? 2020-06-18T09:06:23+08:00 8
How to record Stripchat.com live stream by Monitoring Option 2020-06-04T10:14:24+08:00 6
Refund 2020-05-19T12:16:10+08:00 2
Schedule not working 2020-05-20T07:42:16+08:00 6
Cannot download video from Youtube 2020-06-04T09:00:02+08:00 2
Is is possible to force the quality of a live stream download? 2020-05-23T00:45:01+08:00 3
ffmpeg doesn't finish some downloads 2020-06-14T07:18:34+08:00 3
facebook requiring credentials 2020-06-04T08:48:38+08:00 2
Screen recorder 2020-06-06T12:07:35+08:00 5
twitch.tv 2020-07-08T19:48:02+08:00 26
Ghost Images of URLs on my desktop 2020-06-08T08:56:00+08:00 2
video url for ad-block list 2020-06-13T14:05:40+08:00 6
Bongacams not working 2020-06-07T23:17:18+08:00 1
Bongacams not working? 2020-06-16T22:33:34+08:00 4
"Size" not appearing when downloading a live stream 2020-06-15T15:35:15+08:00 2
Confusing Error Message 2020-06-15T19:22:43+08:00 6
Current download size no longer displayed as video file is being downloaded 2020-06-15T15:35:43+08:00 2
Audio is missing when downloading from https://www.viafree.dk/ 2020-07-06T16:01:47+08:00 14
Unplayable media produced 2020-06-15T19:01:33+08:00 9
How to get source file of stripchat live stream 2020-06-27T08:56:53+08:00 3
Unwanted multiple downloads of the same stream 2020-06-15T22:46:30+08:00 3
Capture bluprint videos? 2020-06-20T13:03:42+08:00 2
Jaksta freezing when turning auto mode ON 2020-06-21T06:52:27+08:00 1
Dark Theme for Jaksta Media Recorder 2020-06-22T08:47:22+08:00 2
DVR has voice over "Trail Version" 2020-08-27T04:59:42+08:00 12
bug ver: 2020-06-23T13:01:46+08:00 2
Camsoda.com - Monitoring doesnt work 2021-05-07T13:25:06+08:00 9
installation problem 2020-06-24T21:59:26+08:00 4
No audio when downloading Bilibili video 2020-09-11T00:10:30+08:00 7
why does it keep showing queud on jaksta media recorder 2020-07-07T23:25:16+08:00 12
Monitor entries keep disappearing after updating to Jaksta Media Recorder 7.0.10... 2021-05-29T08:42:35+08:00 24
Vidangel 2020-07-03T20:10:52+08:00 4
Preferred Download Quality improvement 2020-07-20T11:35:06+08:00 6
Can't log into google account through jaksta browser 2021-04-07T14:36:17+08:00 3
Video Source On Finised Movie 2020-07-22T09:26:27+08:00 5
some youtube video can't be downloaded 2020-07-17T09:43:37+08:00 3
Interested in buying JMR7, but having some issues with the trial and monitoring/... 2020-07-14T09:18:32+08:00 4
Downloaded Files missing the last couple minutes 2020-07-14T09:15:54+08:00 2
Recorded with the scroll bar in the video 2020-07-13T09:57:59+08:00 2
Cannot open Properties of large file 2020-07-21T11:42:31+08:00 11
Cannot continue downloading Jasmin RTMP 2020-07-17T21:30:56+08:00 3
Converted MP3 songs are twice as long then they when uploading in iTunes 2020-07-17T11:35:54+08:00 5
no sound on file 2020-07-17T06:03:13+08:00 1
Auto Mode does not work for Stripchat 2020-07-20T11:24:23+08:00 2
OnlyFans Livestreams 2020-07-20T15:37:09+08:00 3
Not downloading files from Udemy of particular lesson 2020-07-22T13:43:12+08:00 4
Max Resolution setting not working. 2020-07-20T15:08:27+08:00 2
Max Resolution setting not working. 2020-07-20T19:16:15+08:00 2
Max Resolution setting not working. 2020-07-21T14:47:53+08:00 4
Unexpected error configuring the HTTPS/SSL monitor for Default LAN 2020-08-26T18:25:30+08:00 32
Advanced Internet Download Settings 2020-07-26T08:26:13+08:00 2
dish anywhere 2020-09-08T14:21:04+08:00 4
Video Freezes When Recording with DVR 2020-08-01T08:59:13+08:00 3
Jaksta 7.0.19 very slow to complete downloads 2021-04-30T23:14:43+08:00 19
'Not Responding' under Windows 10 when selection Auto 2020-08-09T07:17:33+08:00 6
JMR crash (closing itself) 2020-09-03T09:21:56+08:00 7
Unable To Find Speaker 2020-08-09T07:09:36+08:00 2
Unable to record NowTV 2020-08-11T09:44:15+08:00 1
Downloading without using HLSD broken in latest version 2020-08-19T18:09:57+08:00 3
Failed To Run Filter Graphics 2020-08-17T17:22:13+08:00 1
Channel4.com 2020-08-19T23:23:53+08:00 1
Myfreecams.com - Monitoring doesnt work 2020-09-24T08:02:20+08:00 3
How to record private videos of stripchat.com 2020-08-24T03:45:56+08:00 1
"Input string was not in a correct format" - Vimeo 2022-01-31T20:57:58+08:00 3
Failed to run Filter Graph 2020-08-26T09:23:46+08:00 5
Screen Band when recording Amazon.co.uk Prime 2020-08-30T01:24:46+08:00 4
Camsoda low resolution 2020-08-25T10:54:42+08:00 2
downloads does not work with svtplay.se since yesterday worked for years 2020-08-25T23:28:32+08:00 1
Problems After Updating 2020-08-28T10:50:53+08:00 1
DVR download problems 2020-09-15T15:27:21+08:00 2
Windows 10 Core Isolation - Memory Integrity is deactivated by jaksta_va.sys 2022-09-12T07:44:15+08:00 16
DVR Missing Video 2020-09-17T23:51:25+08:00 5
Monitor. Sometimes selects the stream without video 2020-09-13T19:54:49+08:00 2
No Broser 2020-09-14T18:41:04+08:00 1
JMR Licensing Questions 2020-09-17T07:31:34+08:00 2
Monitor option usages too much CPU (processors) capacity. 2021-10-04T12:46:50+08:00 5
DVR Recording Problems with Hulu 2020-10-06T11:25:43+08:00 4
Instagram Live - Monitoring doesn't work 2020-10-03T16:46:33+08:00 2
DVR Settings 2020-10-30T23:34:52+08:00 3
Keeps crashing on this error 2020-10-03T02:57:00+08:00 7
Cannot Reach Browser 2020-10-14T10:56:29+08:00 12
Need to stop duplicate downloads in browser video auto detect mode 2020-10-12T07:34:08+08:00 5
No audio when streaming or recording 2020-10-06T12:07:53+08:00 4
Problem recently downloading Youtube content 2020-10-12T12:02:02+08:00 4
Can't download videos from looom.com 2020-10-12T07:43:45+08:00 2
fmp4 file convert? 2020-10-15T00:41:12+08:00 5
Live Monitor Improvement Suggest 2021-03-24T09:35:15+08:00 6
computer audio stopped working 2020-10-12T07:07:36+08:00 2
recordings ending prematurely 2020-10-14T23:25:59+08:00 3
jaksta forum: keyboard-button "m" not typing 2020-10-15T00:42:23+08:00 3
Unable to download from YouTube Purchases 2020-10-26T11:07:06+08:00 7
DVR record method - how to optimise video quality 2020-10-14T23:13:59+08:00 1
Jaksta media player won't play full screen on my computer 2020-10-17T04:52:47+08:00 1
Jaksta Media Player won't play full screen in Windows 10 2020-10-17T05:01:14+08:00 1
Can't download 2020-10-24T09:39:44+08:00 3
Failed To Run Filter Graph 2020-10-28T10:04:53+08:00 7
monitor 2020-11-14T19:39:35+08:00 6
Media Recorder takes 3 reinstalls after 2004 feature update to Windows 10 2020-10-26T11:20:56+08:00 5
Wont Record Streams after Re-install 2020-10-26T11:17:19+08:00 2
DASH videos 2020-10-26T07:54:46+08:00 2
Keep subtitle as separate file (no mux sub)? 2022-05-20T06:33:16+08:00 7
Jaksta is NOT saving youtube videos any more 2020-10-27T02:14:02+08:00 1
Jaksta Meadia 7 stopped working 2020-11-14T16:35:44+08:00 3
Customer having a new problem with JMR7 livestream function, it keeps picking up... 2020-11-06T17:53:05+08:00 2
Changes to YouTube and the Extraction Capture Method (Enter or Drag and Drop the... 2020-11-18T09:27:43+08:00 2
Unable To Run Filter Graphics 2021-02-06T09:24:37+08:00 6
Direct download by URL 2020-11-18T09:04:08+08:00 5
Failed To Run Filter Graphics 2020-11-16T09:57:16+08:00 2
6Play.fr 2020-11-18T22:28:35+08:00 3
Suggestions 2020-11-17T08:55:11+08:00 2
Question about Monitors and adding Date and Time to Titles 2020-11-19T06:32:43+08:00 1
The monitor on myfreecams stopped working 2020-11-21T17:41:55+08:00 4
The monitor on myfreecams stopped working 2020-11-21T17:18:35+08:00 2
No longer able to download from MFC 2020-11-21T17:17:45+08:00 2
"URL is not supported" when trying to record on MFC 2020-11-21T17:17:22+08:00 2
Extractor stopped working 2020-11-24T13:11:22+08:00 1
Chaturbate is NOT recording 2020-11-24T15:17:47+08:00 3
jaksta stop downloading movies from kodi after real-debrid installation 2020-11-25T03:15:19+08:00 1
Device - Digital Video Recorder - warning 2020-12-08T13:00:00+08:00 2
tidal 2020-12-06T05:21:27+08:00 2
can't sign in to Youtube TV under any method 2020-12-08T12:58:25+08:00 2
I can't read what's downloading at all 2021-02-11T06:20:29+08:00 5
Jaksta Media Recorder 7 DVR stuck on "Loading Browser" 2021-01-07T12:35:37+08:00 6
Unable to download videos from south park studios 2020-12-16T20:45:49+08:00 2
Netflix episodes will not split 2020-12-16T20:43:44+08:00 2
Subtitles 2020-12-19T14:46:41+08:00 1
chaturbate not working? 2020-12-30T22:38:27+08:00 4
Unsupported Browser 2021-01-02T21:46:08+08:00 2
Scheduler for youtube channel 2020-12-26T23:21:09+08:00 1
Recording CB stream chat? 2021-01-02T21:44:26+08:00 5
bongacams monitoring 2020-12-30T16:45:52+08:00 3
Webcam disconnects when i try to capture 2020-12-30T00:56:57+08:00 1
HBOMAX Browser Not Supported 2021-01-02T21:46:25+08:00 2
Media Recorder and WebRTC stream capture 2021-01-05T08:33:51+08:00 4
FFMpeg.exe Using 100% CPU Suddenly 2021-01-05T13:18:05+08:00 7
recording 2021-01-02T21:47:17+08:00 2
MFC broken 2021-01-05T21:25:23+08:00 7
Media Recorder 7 Digital Video Recorder failure to download 2020-12-17T01:52:39+08:00 1
filter graph(?) & truncated period 2021-01-18T09:30:17+08:00 4
Failed to run filter graph 2020-12-20T22:52:22+08:00 1
Vidangel movie audio is choppy 2021-01-09T08:45:17+08:00 2
no video recorded on auto 2021-01-10T04:47:37+08:00 4
HBOMAX 2021-01-19T16:35:12+08:00 4
Media Recorder can't record anything 2021-01-18T09:03:04+08:00 2
LJ Monitoring 2021-01-18T09:14:25+08:00 2
Downloading from BET 2021-01-18T09:04:10+08:00 2
crazycash.tv 2021-01-15T06:01:03+08:00 1
media recorder 2021-01-18T09:01:23+08:00 2
Unable to download video from Udemy preview file 2021-01-19T00:50:20+08:00 2
media recorder cant record webcam streaming in the chat room 2021-01-18T19:37:09+08:00 1
muxing high using cpu 2021-01-20T04:39:31+08:00 1
ERROR MESSAGE 2021-01-23T11:26:43+08:00 1
hdd usage 2021-01-23T16:42:53+08:00 1
Various errors 2021-02-02T09:24:03+08:00 2
Input string was not in a correct format 2021-02-02T00:13:12+08:00 1
Jaksta screen recorder for windows 2021-02-05T13:51:57+08:00 2
Failed to run filter graph 2021-02-08T11:38:07+08:00 2
cannot record netfix--errors displayed 2021-02-08T11:34:49+08:00 4
JMR crashing 2021-02-19T10:38:20+08:00 14
any resolution for netflix DVR capture yet, its been a long time 2021-02-08T11:29:21+08:00 2
URL is not support 2021-02-10T16:45:07+08:00 3
Can't download from svtplay since around february 2021.. 2021-02-23T03:55:27+08:00 6
HEADS UP: Chaturbate significant infrastructure upgrade Overnight (10/11Feb) 2021-02-11T06:26:03+08:00 1
crazycash.tv 2021-02-11T18:55:41+08:00 1
Can't download subtitles 2021-02-16T22:21:32+08:00 3
Starting JMRP.exe with a specific monitor list ... 2021-02-24T10:10:00+08:00 2
DVR Window Doesn't Open, Shuts Down Media Recorder 2021-02-25T09:39:35+08:00 7
crazycash tv. logs 2021-02-25T13:27:04+08:00 3
Recordings stopping before the end 2021-02-26T06:18:24+08:00 1
NBC Download Issues 2021-03-02T20:07:32+08:00 1
Re-picking up stream while muxing in progress 2021-04-06T14:39:38+08:00 4
Corrupted Chaturbate Recordings 2021-03-23T09:54:00+08:00 2
YouTube AUTO Problem 2021-04-06T08:54:01+08:00 10
How can I find download history? 2021-03-24T07:53:32+08:00 6
what is the biggest pc factor in using jaksta? 2021-03-24T08:44:49+08:00 2
Monitor enhancement request 2021-03-24T07:58:23+08:00 2
AD-Block Suggestions 2021-03-25T09:09:03+08:00 2
Jaksta Media Recorder freezing 2021-04-15T22:34:46+08:00 1
CAM4 no longer working 2021-05-08T00:41:12+08:00 26
Installation on Windows 10 not possible 2021-04-22T18:23:55+08:00 4
Disable Auto in Jaksta Media Recorder 2021-04-27T19:48:45+08:00 6
Can't record from CAM4 after they redesigned their site 2021-04-25T16:34:47+08:00 2
Problems downloading SBS On Demand 2021-05-01T17:56:00+08:00 1
'Failed to create npcap service for Win7, Win8 and Win 10' on a Mac M1 running P... 2021-05-02T22:19:49+08:00 1
Roku Recording 2021-05-06T23:05:07+08:00 1
Media websites fail to load when Jaksta is in Auto mode 2021-05-29T20:02:38+08:00 3
Start Jaksta in background on startup 2021-05-31T16:44:11+08:00 3
Problems with amateur 2021-05-13T21:06:50+08:00 1
record from Roku 2021-05-13T21:49:44+08:00 1
GPU Acceleration for Steam recording? 2021-05-16T04:09:58+08:00 1
recordings randomly stop 2021-05-28T17:52:03+08:00 1
supporte site list for extraction engine - we can see them? 2021-05-29T08:58:36+08:00 1
Recording ESPN Game Replay 2021-05-29T14:03:36+08:00 1
Cannot Download on Amazon.de anymore 2021-05-29T16:11:30+08:00 1
2nd recording not working 2021-05-31T14:25:14+08:00 1
Can't sign on to Peacock 2021-06-01T00:46:27+08:00 1
DVR not loading 2021-08-20T09:19:54+08:00 5
YouTube Fsk 18 downloads? 2021-07-01T11:06:12+08:00 3
YouTube downloading as .mpg instead of .mp4 2021-06-08T17:18:59+08:00 3
Camsoda dont work Monitor Strem 2021-06-04T05:44:02+08:00 1
DVR Unable to Download 2021-10-04T10:28:35+08:00 3
Win10 v7.0.24.0 DVR no longer works with Xfinity Stream 2021-10-28T00:44:08+08:00 11
YouTube Download of long Videos wont work 2022-09-26T20:53:44+08:00 3
concurrent downloads complain 2021-06-08T10:10:08+08:00 1
Can No Longer Record Acorn.tv 2021-06-09T08:40:09+08:00 1
inquiry about downloading from premium websites 2021-06-10T16:04:08+08:00 1
reinstall not recording anything 2021-08-18T03:16:07+08:00 19
media recorder does not record while in mfc private room 2021-06-11T22:58:50+08:00 1
Win10 Jaksta DVR v7.0.24.0 can now access Xfinity Stream but WILL NOT PLAY 2021-06-17T09:56:51+08:00 2
Anyone else now unable to use Jaksta DVR with Netflix? (and Amazon Prime, and Xf... 2021-10-18T06:25:49+08:00 9
Chaturbate sites no longer recording 2021-06-21T22:58:08+08:00 3
downloads failing and monitor doesnt seem to be working 2021-06-20T11:53:51+08:00 3
Jaksta not recording 2021-06-25T10:35:02+08:00 5
jaksta failed to read data from stream: read timeout 2021-06-23T15:38:28+08:00 4
audio garbled 2021-06-21T13:00:33+08:00 1
Odd Myfreecams Problem 2021-07-22T09:33:31+08:00 4
Can't record using Chrome 2021-07-01T10:32:10+08:00 4
bongacams.com monitor stopped working 2021-06-30T11:09:14+08:00 2
the program lost support? 2021-07-23T08:01:23+08:00 11
is Funimation Premium Plus in Full HD possible 2021-07-06T17:02:13+08:00 2
Multiple Files Downloading 2021-07-06T20:40:24+08:00 3
bongacams not recording anymore 2021-07-06T16:54:13+08:00 3
Dish Anywhere doesn't work 2021-10-22T01:25:59+08:00 5
Chaturbate no Monitor?? 2021-07-13T12:54:51+08:00 5
Cannot record Stan Streaming Content 2021-07-13T10:14:05+08:00 2
Select Audio Language in Stream 2021-07-23T10:21:21+08:00 2
Last recording Column in Monitor? 2021-08-01T03:01:07+08:00 2
Windows 10 Core Isolation - Memory Integrity is deactivated by jaksta_va.sys 2021-07-15T13:46:13+08:00 1
media recorder audio 2021-07-16T16:47:16+08:00 2
Bought Jaksta Media Recorder randomly starting with trial mode 2021-07-20T09:08:03+08:00 5
Bongacams not working in non-Auto mode 2021-07-19T19:25:50+08:00 3
Camsoda.com monitors dont record audio with video. 2021-07-23T08:08:07+08:00 6
Digital Video Recorder (Speaker) 2021-07-23T05:30:23+08:00 1
Jaksta Media Recorder 7 - Not Responding Issue 2021-08-06T19:04:10+08:00 2
Youtube live streams and accessability for visually impaired users 2021-07-27T17:45:29+08:00 1
JMR - Some problems lately 2021-08-01T07:36:20+08:00 3
Monitor Live Stream EDITS 2021-08-02T09:22:04+08:00 1
Rename file to tag when not muxing? 2021-08-08T00:22:21+08:00 1
Camsoda and MFC Problems 2021-08-08T06:05:39+08:00 1
Monitors sorting by "last run" do not work properly 2021-08-08T18:51:56+08:00 1
0 byte size 2021-09-17T13:15:01+08:00 4
Browser home page 2021-08-17T02:26:12+08:00 1
Audible zero bytes 2021-08-20T05:44:22+08:00 1
Support no answers? 2021-09-01T23:31:36+08:00 3
Netflix will not download 2021-09-01T09:11:23+08:00 1
How to download subtitles 2021-09-03T20:40:54+08:00 1
How to Monitor Bigo.tv and Liveme.com live streams 2021-09-06T14:06:25+08:00 1
DVR not installed warning 2021-09-09T15:05:41+08:00 1
Wrong audio Stream - paramount / cbs 2021-09-09T23:19:23+08:00 1
Hulu Will Not Record 2021-09-12T06:03:06+08:00 1
dl.exe not working 2021-09-14T08:01:37+08:00 2
Media Recorder no longer running on Windows 7 2021-12-21T09:51:03+08:00 11
Unable to download/DVR video at Kulu.net 2021-09-15T03:53:16+08:00 1
JAKSTA NOT WORKING 2021-09-16T08:01:20+08:00 3
Message 'URL is not supported' for all the sites 2021-09-15T23:19:30+08:00 1
Message URL is not supported for all sites 2021-09-16T08:01:35+08:00 2
MFC 2021-09-18T02:52:18+08:00 3
Latest update of extration engine launches each url twice when used by the monit... 2021-09-23T00:36:17+08:00 5
Chaturbate /Streamate Stopped Recording 2021-09-20T07:10:58+08:00 2
Windows 11 support 2021-11-26T07:23:59+08:00 10
JMR7 No Longer Properly Recording MyFreeCams 2021-09-28T03:45:02+08:00 3
recording my5 2021-09-27T10:38:30+08:00 2
Jaksta Media Recorder 7 crashes on start 2021-09-28T23:03:17+08:00 4
64 bit version 2021-09-27T10:33:01+08:00 2
Windows Security "This app has been blocked" 2021-09-28T03:26:46+08:00 1
Media Recorder 7 unable to extract video data 2021-09-28T20:20:46+08:00 1
How to change stream language 2021-10-03T00:55:40+08:00 4
Download incomplete 2021-09-30T04:10:22+08:00 1
Editing .dat files 2021-12-11T13:33:23+08:00 5
Cannot DVR from Discovery+ 2021-10-04T10:28:10+08:00 1
Loss of functionality for Netflix is frustrating 2021-11-21T17:42:14+08:00 3
Disappearing Monitors - Bulk Edit 2021-11-21T17:43:06+08:00 2
The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for... 2021-10-14T09:34:58+08:00 4
Jaksta Media Recorder can not connect to the internet 2021-10-13T22:17:06+08:00 2
Channel 4 2021-10-18T20:20:27+08:00 1
Url is not supported. Please try Auto detection... 2021-10-28T10:26:15+08:00 5
Channel 4 cannot be screen recorded 2021-10-23T10:22:37+08:00 2
How can I get a refund? 2021-10-23T10:19:16+08:00 2
Unable to record Myfreecams, error 2021-10-23T10:21:12+08:00 2
Record settings 2021-10-23T10:18:37+08:00 2
License - Activating 2021-10-30T23:57:20+08:00 3
JMR Crashes 2021-11-06T00:13:56+08:00 8
cant download from CB 2021-11-01T08:50:14+08:00 5
URL not supported 2021-11-22T18:05:46+08:00 19
"Url is not supported. please try the auto or the digital recorder capture metho... 2021-10-28T10:52:18+08:00 2
CB Download inconsistent 2022-01-07T13:33:53+08:00 8
Disappearing monitors 2021-10-28T06:13:28+08:00 1
Not recording from MY5 TV channel in the UK ? 2021-11-01T16:58:49+08:00 1
Can NOT record from MY5 tv channel in the uk ? 2021-11-01T17:18:47+08:00 2
Opps..Here is the missing File/ScreenShot..... 2021-11-01T19:17:09+08:00 1
tubi tv show wont download 2021-11-07T01:13:16+08:00 11
Cannot record from Amazon Prime... 2021-12-29T08:46:40+08:00 3
video skipping jumping pausing when DVR recording VUDU 2021-11-29T10:50:03+08:00 2
Extractor connection timeout 2021-11-25T16:04:55+08:00 2
MyFreeCams URL is Not Supported 2022-06-28T18:38:36+08:00 9
Myfreecams.com monitors stopped working 2021-11-21T17:44:16+08:00 3
Jaksta Media Recorder Deluxe 2021-11-21T07:27:56+08:00 1
index was outside the bounds of the array 2021-11-23T09:07:42+08:00 2
index was outside the bounds of the array 2021-11-30T12:29:07+08:00 12
Recent Twitch.TV issues with some streams. 2023-03-03T21:36:51+08:00 15
re activation of jaksta and wrong activation key! 2021-11-23T18:39:14+08:00 2
can not down load youtube 2021-11-28T16:08:10+08:00 2
can not copy you tube video 2021-11-28T16:09:55+08:00 2
Location of monitors configuration, and Crypto folder embedded into engine updat... 2021-12-03T15:11:34+08:00 7
how to queue up multiple DVR recordings 2021-12-11T13:49:40+08:00 2
Instagram and Twitter videos 2021-12-20T15:02:46+08:00 5
2022 Beta - Monitoring stalls with Queued items 2021-12-27T13:39:08+08:00 11
2022 Beta - Sorting Monitor display by Monitor column 2021-12-23T00:03:46+08:00 3
2022 Beta - Import / Export buttons ... 2021-12-23T00:05:48+08:00 3
BBC iPlayer not captured 2021-12-08T09:28:10+08:00 5
2022 Beta - Limiting the number of concurrent ffmpeg.exe processes 2021-12-08T11:59:53+08:00 3
Cannot connect to internet 2021-12-08T09:37:24+08:00 2
Forum Sorting Error 2021-12-09T02:21:11+08:00 3
Question: Does JMR delete on its own? [100+ GB freed up space] 2021-12-11T13:30:50+08:00 2
Failure to download videos at wingfox.com: Failed to parse playlist: Missing #EX... 2021-12-11T13:15:31+08:00 2
Peacock Will Not DVR 2021-12-16T07:23:54+08:00 4
cant download twitch streams 2021-12-14T13:00:44+08:00 2
Extraction Engine Update 2021-12-23T00:53:27+08:00 2
ATT Login Block 2021-12-16T07:58:13+08:00 4
open captions not showing on Hulu and ShowtimeAnytime 2021-12-16T07:31:37+08:00 2
Changing file path 2021-12-19T10:03:36+08:00 2
2022 Beta - Can't import 2021-12-20T11:12:44+08:00 2
Cam4 not working when girl are on mobile 2021-12-22T23:51:40+08:00 1
keyboard shortcut for starting a DVR recording in 2022 version 2021-12-24T10:54:19+08:00 1
Stripchat.com no Download possible? 2022-01-05T13:22:22+08:00 8
Jaksta crashes during "UI loading" splash screen 2021-12-29T06:39:56+08:00 5
Jaksta stops and flickers 2022-01-18T07:10:46+08:00 15
Stripchat downloads video but no audio. 2022-01-08T02:39:33+08:00 3
Logging in with URL downloader 2022-01-12T15:10:48+08:00 2
2022 Beta - Home Dashboard sort by duration not sorting properly 2022-01-05T12:40:18+08:00 2
Beta 2022 - Clear List on Exit not working properly 2022-01-27T12:11:08+08:00 8
Beta 2022 - Memory allocation error while exporting monitors list 2022-01-05T10:22:16+08:00 2
Monitored videos missing fragments 2022-01-30T12:04:13+08:00 7
Can't capture video vimeo embeded 2022-01-14T11:44:35+08:00 1
Could You add to the Jaksta Media Recorder 2022 few options? 2022-01-23T09:20:44+08:00 2
AVG Detecting Wi32:Trojen-gen 2022-01-27T12:17:13+08:00 3
2022 Beta - Location of monitors 2022-01-27T12:15:34+08:00 2
Restoring to the list of saved recordings as was before a restore of my pc from... 2022-01-27T14:31:12+08:00 3
Media Recorder 7 Adding Date 2022-01-27T16:07:16+08:00 1
JMR - Guides 2022-01-29T09:47:21+08:00 2
JMR - Schedule (also JMR 2022 Beta) 2022-01-29T09:40:26+08:00 2
2022 beta - url not supported (stream online) few sec later works 2022-01-30T11:56:21+08:00 1
AEBN not recording 2022-02-13T14:01:53+08:00 2
Can the Beta and Release versions co-exist? 2022-02-13T10:56:40+08:00 2
2022 v1.0 2022-03-02T08:01:34+08:00 17
Installing Jaksta Media Recorder Deluxe_2022.1.0.0 2022-02-14T13:20:41+08:00 2
Camsoda.com monitors no longer work 2022-03-08T10:16:25+08:00 3
Unable to connect to the internet - Firewall problem - Jaksta 2022 2022-02-18T23:55:09+08:00 3
Error saying that there is no internet connection. 2022-02-19T01:06:55+08:00 3
JMR 2022 has wiped all monitors 2022-02-21T08:32:59+08:00 3
Importing Media recorder 7 vids 2022-02-21T08:25:59+08:00 2
Feature Request - Add duration option to monitor scheduling option 2022-03-08T10:14:06+08:00 4
Jacksta 22 DVR does not work (Windows 11) 2022-03-09T12:24:43+08:00 4
Unable to open DVR browser in JMR v2022.2.4.0 2022-03-08T10:12:22+08:00 2
Sling TV Support? 2022-03-09T12:22:43+08:00 6
YouTube TV doesn't support Browser 2022-03-09T12:15:49+08:00 6
ERROR 4 2022-03-09T12:14:21+08:00 2
Can't record Vudu.com 2022-06-08T09:59:42+08:00 13
No Usable Audio Devices 2022-03-18T11:48:36+08:00 2
Youtube, how to download segments into their own files? 2022-03-19T18:23:35+08:00 4
Stripchat.com video pixelated and glitchy 2022-03-25T12:34:14+08:00 4
Jaksta 2022 not capturing any video at all 2022-03-26T00:15:01+08:00 5
UKTV PLAY 2022-03-25T12:36:05+08:00 2
Why are these forums hidden? 2022-04-02T11:46:12+08:00 3
Creation of D:\RMC file (not a folder, but a file with no filetype) 2022-04-03T15:29:40+08:00 6
Custom output folder is not sticky (doesn't retain value). 2022-04-01T06:31:12+08:00 1
Cannot capture some Youtube videos. 2022-04-02T19:50:01+08:00 8
Install of 2022 version did not remove 7 version. 2022-04-02T12:11:20+08:00 3
Recording fc2live 2022-04-02T15:05:23+08:00 3
Cannot capture a Vimeo video in Auto detection enabled 2022-04-09T15:55:16+08:00 2
no recordings after latest update 2022-04-12T08:42:27+08:00 8
Problem with downloading videos from premium sites 2022-04-13T18:05:58+08:00 3
Context menu of active video 2022-04-17T03:39:28+08:00 1
FLV Fix option corrupts files 2022-04-27T23:18:15+08:00 10
FIX FLV function corrupts files, making them unable to open 2022-04-22T22:17:15+08:00 1
Unable to DVR / Log into Provider 2022-06-08T08:09:16+08:00 13
SSL Scanning Certificate Error 2022-05-31T08:11:12+08:00 13
Jaksta Media Recorder 2022 always changes Windows sound input device on new inst... 2022-05-21T03:22:54+08:00 4
Spotify is no longer showing 2022-05-15T09:46:11+08:00 2
Capture Peacock.com streaming? 2022-05-15T09:42:47+08:00 2
Move files after completion? 2022-05-17T09:25:10+08:00 2
Dish Anywhere 2022-05-23T09:57:12+08:00 2
Apparent memory leak issue in recent builds ... 2022-05-30T09:07:59+08:00 5
JMR 7: Google Chrome browser being block. 2022-05-23T09:51:43+08:00 2
YouTube 2022-05-23T09:52:29+08:00 2
JMR 2022 - GUID 2022-05-23T09:48:36+08:00 2
Downloads stuck in "Connecting" state 2022-05-23T09:55:44+08:00 2
JMR 2022 - Monitor - Check every X sec - SORT (improve suggest) 2022-09-26T21:13:56+08:00 2
monitor problem 2022-05-30T09:02:21+08:00 2
Using a VPN with Jaksta Media Recorder 2022-09-14T08:06:23+08:00 12
JMR-2022 Cannot resize columns 2022-06-01T13:55:51+08:00 5
Chaturbate streams not detected-extraction engine issue? 2022-06-17T11:09:56+08:00 12
Chaturbate with DVR for private recordings - Cloudflare blocking login 2022-06-11T21:26:37+08:00 1
Can't find Activation Key 2022-06-15T10:29:42+08:00 2
Auto record YouTube and other videos 2022-06-15T10:27:43+08:00 2
Jaksta DVR Won't Start 2022-06-17T10:53:55+08:00 4
taskbar icon empty 2022-06-18T01:44:51+08:00 3
Chaturbate worse than ever 2022-06-20T10:09:12+08:00 7
shut-up 2022-06-30T09:06:09+08:00 11
Download from Disneyplus - problem errors 2022-06-23T08:28:03+08:00 4
Shows that will not download 2022-06-28T19:43:41+08:00 9
Jaksta Media Recorder 2022 2022-06-27T08:42:55+08:00 2
Check if watch-list URLs are valid? 2022-06-27T08:44:01+08:00 2
Myfreecams not detected on monitor 2022-06-28T11:16:38+08:00 3
Thumbnail Cache location? 2022-07-08T08:59:11+08:00 2
No sound for recording stripchat.com video stream 2022-07-09T22:51:23+08:00 3
Media recorder records only sound on YouTube (mp3 only) no video is captured 2022-07-12T08:25:07+08:00 2
Shutdown after last stream ends? 2022-07-12T08:23:32+08:00 2
XLove/XLoveCam Support 2022-10-25T11:41:12+08:00 18
Dark Theme 2022-07-17T12:26:13+08:00 2
user agent override-is this for using an alternate browser 2022-07-27T07:57:28+08:00 2
Can't record SundanceNow 2022-08-20T13:20:05+08:00 10
Nobody is responding to my questions 2022-07-28T07:45:39+08:00 4
JMR AUTO and endless crashes 2022-11-28T10:04:49+08:00 20
VR Cam recording 2022-07-30T07:54:11+08:00 1
Downloading is unsuccessful, from Australian on-demand service, '7plus' 2022-08-04T10:18:14+08:00 5
Cannot download from Twitter 2022-08-05T11:58:32+08:00 3
Wording and UI Suggestions 2022-09-26T21:21:37+08:00 5
File explorer popup after every tag. 2022-08-30T09:08:50+08:00 2
Vivaldi trouble 2022-08-20T13:20:40+08:00 2
UL Not Supported Connection/Download Issues 2022-08-24T08:19:17+08:00 2
Support for Paramount Plus 2022-08-30T08:23:47+08:00 2
stripchat doesn't allow download of livestreans in jaksta? 2022-08-30T09:04:12+08:00 4
tryi9ng to record a trainign session and not able to capture 2022-08-30T16:36:47+08:00 5
Terrible resolution when using the DVR Browser 2022-09-05T10:24:40+08:00 3
Incompatible drivers. 2022-09-07T07:40:19+08:00 2
Save to folder soted by site? 2022-09-13T11:14:16+08:00 2
Vivladi and Google Youtube login 2022-09-14T11:09:37+08:00 3
LiveJasmin AUTO Recording - Dead Frames and Soundtrack off 2022-09-26T21:34:15+08:00 2
How to mux later? 2022-09-18T05:37:55+08:00 1
Jaksta Media Recorder no longer downloads Tiktok live streams 2022-11-07T07:28:43+08:00 20
Schedule Monitor 2022-10-05T11:51:27+08:00 2
JMR recording from premium sites (Netflix/Amazon/Hulu) 2022-10-05T11:47:25+08:00 2
Cant Download From Xhamsterlive.com 2022-10-17T10:48:10+08:00 4
Stripchat/XHamsterlive streams no longer detected 2022-10-23T12:35:26+08:00 7
instagram stories 2022-10-23T13:23:24+08:00 4
Monitors Not Importing 2022-11-09T10:22:40+08:00 5
Team training record 2022-11-15T22:31:46+08:00 7
Simple screen DVR used to be available in the older versions 2022-11-04T15:34:40+08:00 4
JMR crashes (Version 2) 2022-11-16T02:20:58+08:00 6
I am trying to download the videos from gaia.com 2022-11-01T09:11:14+08:00 2
Jaksta Media recorder downloads Pluralsight courses with no audio 2022-11-01T09:07:56+08:00 2
P*rnhub redirecting and failing to download 2022-11-11T20:34:14+08:00 3
LJ 1080p stream cant get recorded at all 2022-11-05T23:37:04+08:00 2
youtube 2022-11-04T15:35:49+08:00 2
Importing a file & loading up slow 2022-11-04T15:37:31+08:00 3
LibraryManager: 10: Failed to run filter graph. 2022-11-08T19:24:30+08:00 1
100% CPU on downloads 2022-11-16T07:38:41+08:00 2
LJ + JMR breaks network 2022-11-20T10:08:40+08:00 5
chaturbate not recording 2022-11-20T15:53:03+08:00 3
Mux later within app 2022-11-21T23:27:50+08:00 1
Preferred Download Quality implemented within Monitors 2022-11-22T01:10:52+08:00 1
ITVHUB downloads 2022-11-23T04:12:00+08:00 1
Downloaded pbs,org files have audio out-of-sync from video. 2022-12-06T03:54:19+08:00 2
Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. 2022-12-12T06:44:00+08:00 2
Jaksta Stopped Working 2022-12-14T13:58:01+08:00 3
ffmpeg.exe task manager 2022-12-18T09:34:03+08:00 1
Monitor interval suggestion 2022-12-18T14:27:04+08:00 1
JMR 2022 Repeatedly crashing this UK evening 2023-01-05T14:23:29+08:00 4
Stripchat not recording 2023-02-20T14:22:34+08:00 7
Internet keeps cutting off 2023-01-13T22:49:41+08:00 1
Unable to download from Australia's 7Plus. 2023-02-07T08:29:29+08:00 2
Stripchat not working 2023-01-29T04:10:09+08:00 2
Jaksta Vivaldi browser crashing recording 2023-02-07T08:27:39+08:00 3
Suggestion: Check Monitor instantly after ending 2023-02-09T13:31:32+08:00 1
Monitors stuck on In Progress after error 2023-02-10T12:13:28+08:00 1
Downloading from YouTube no longer works! 2023-02-22T02:06:03+08:00 13
Youtube! 2023-02-19T13:51:25+08:00 3
Delete Confirmation Sound Effect 2023-02-20T07:29:12+08:00 4
Paramount+ No Longer Works With Stream Downloader 2023-02-20T07:42:07+08:00 2
Lookup Key 2023-02-21T05:27:21+08:00 1
Recording TT livestream no longer possible 2023-02-28T10:03:36+08:00 2
2023 AND WE STILL HAVE ISSUES WITH A SIMPLE U TUBE 2023-02-28T10:00:09+08:00 2
darkfans not downloading 2023-03-02T14:53:10+08:00 1
AUTO CONVERSION BUG 2023-03-05T16:41:29+08:00 2
JAKSTA PROGHAM DOESNT WORK 2023-03-05T16:36:46+08:00 2
JMR 2022 - Repeatedly crashing soon after starting up 2023-03-17T17:51:28+08:00 4
Jaksta Driver jaksta_va.sys from 24.2.22 incompatible with MS Defender? 2023-03-18T00:07:04+08:00 1